Top 10 High Paying Skills To Learn In Nigeria


With things getting harder and the unemployment rate rapidly claiming up in Nigeria.


You can imagine the condition of the nation, one gets the opportunity to graduate with no job to show forward.

But despite this fact, I noticed some individuals with some skills are doing quite alright. Just with their skills, they are making a living.

What are the trending skills to learn in Nigeria? Well, probably you even have a job that you are doing, the knowledge is not wasted at all.

You can use those skills partly with your job. Without wasting much time.

Let’s go list the ten trending skills to learn in Nigeria this year.

1. Fashion Designing

The fashion industry does not have a season of dryness at all, you should be able to picture.

This industry is on a big growing level yearly and also the profit margins are not stagnant.

If you are quite creative, smart and the trendy type, you will certainly be able to hit it in the fashion designing industry. On this side of the world, you all know we like materialism.

Whenever there’s a ceremony either wedding ceremony, burial ceremony, etc. There is always a uniform to celebrate and be recognized that day.

If you are really great at what you do, you will be highly surprised by job orders. A tailor most of the times don’t meet up agreed time to finish clothing.

This means that they hardly keep up with the delivery date; this may probably be because much work at hand for tailors or due to the reason that the tailor is lazy.

So if you are good at what you do, creative, and do good to know what is in vogue, the sky is just the beginning for you.

2. Hair Dressing And Barbing

There is no way men would not have a haircut. Men always have their haircut so as to look neat and good while the women also dress their hair to look more beautiful.

Many do this on a regular basis, you know one can’t afford to look anything less than good.

Many have their haircut or hairdo on a weekly basis. If you can get trained on how to make haircut or dress a lady’;s hair, you can make some steady income.

An advantage is that this skill is easy to set up without capital issues Barbing salons are just almost everywhere. I want to give you some tips that can make you get customers down.

So when you start your salon. Make sure you engage in an interesting discussion with your customer while cutting or dressing their hair.

Make sure your customer care is maximal. Your location, is it at a good spot? Take note of that too.

3. Photography

As much as I love to learn photography, I have not been opportune to learn it. You can imagine all those events e.g. ceremonies, high school valedictory service, convocation, matriculation, and even funerals, etc. photographers bombard this event, either invited or not.

To be a high flier in this photography business, you need to understand the art of digital photography and be creative.

Canvass your client’s work and make them great designs that will make them want to come back to you and recommend you to people.

4. Web Design

Web designing is very lucrative and businesses now understand why they need to showcase their products/services online.

Once you learn how to design a website, make local researches small businesses that are yet to get an online presence.

Make them an offer to have their business online at a limited cost. Make sure you do a very great job.

You should have a professional website for your business. Showcase your works on your site.

If you are good at what you do, you’ll get a job offer and this will put more than just food on your table.

5. Graphic Design

Graphic design is quite lucrative. Acquire this skill, you will be good even without any other job.

Graphic designers are good storytellers in images and texts. This service of a graphic designer is needed on a daily basis by novelists, writers, columnists, bloggers, and magazines.

6. Baking

If you can make efforts to learn how to bake a cake, make chin-chin, meat-pie, fish-rolls, etc. You can generate a stable income that will sustain you as a student.

You can work with big eateries and hotels that are willing to pay for your services. This business may be quite stressful but if you are good at what you do so well, you could generate a moderate income that will sustain you.

You could bake for parties, and if your work is good, you will get recommended for the wedding and big ceremonies.

7. Content Development

Content development can be referred to as authoring or originating content for any medium. The content developer develops content for any medium.

Content developers often use their skills, knowledge, and experience in software and programming as well as web-based technology or SEO, to create and update quality content for websites and blogs.

8. Phone or Laptop Repairs

You know how much people use phones. Some people may have up to 3 phones.

Laptops too, it’s very common with students. If you can learn the skill of phone or laptop repair, you’ll sure make money enough to sustain you.

9. Amazon Kindle Writing

It’s so pitiable to see young and skilled writers who don’t know about making money on Amazon as a writer.

Writers on Amazon can make about $300 monthly as a source of lifetime income. This can also increase as time goes on.

10. Blogging

If you are a writer, why don’t you have your own blog and be open to the opportunity of making some cool cash?

Though, the money won’t come over the night. You have to work, but if you are good at it. You’ll make some money.

This is the list of 10 trending skills to learn in Nigeria

Author: Olatinwo Dayo